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That Difficult Co-Worker

might be you…

Let’s talk about that co-worker who rubs you the wrong way.  You know the one we’re talking about.  Everybody has one.  Some of you may have more…

You may not be sure why, and its not something you can elevate to a formal situation, but you don’t have the solid working relationship you have with other people.

They probably look at you in the same way, too.

Sometimes, what it takes is looking at the person in a new way.  Ask yourself — “What do I know about this person?”  Specifically, “Where are they from, in relation to where I am from?”

This matters more than you may realize.  Recent research has confirmed what many have suspected — that people from different regions within the country have specific personality types.  These “types” influence behavior.

Understanding and awareness is always the first step in a solution.

For the full story, including my own adventure down this road, read our blog!


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